Hi Gaionians!

We are proud to announce that we will start enabling transfer accounts from other server.
Yes!! transfer accounts

We do have a set of conditions that must apply before transferring your accounts from other server.
Here are they!

  1. You cannot transfer an account more than once. This counts per person, or one IP. If you are playing in a computer shop you must provide proof that you are a separate person.
  2. You can only transfer all character items and inventory. You cannot transfer vault items.
  3. This only counts for NEWBIES. If you already have an existing account with lots of items and full stats character, unfortunately you are not a newbie anymore. Talk to an admin and one might give you an exception or so.
  4. These items will be UNTRADEABLE and cannot be stored back to the vault by game. However if you want to store them back to the vault, you can use the Transfer Items to Vault function in our website.
  5. Yes, all of your characters will be provided with full stats, full ML as well.
  6. You cannot transfer the following: Any ancient items - T1 OR T2, more than 4 socketed items, same socket items, or custom items.
  7. It's important that you provide us with as much information of your account as possible.
  8. We require a SCREENSHOT OF EVERY ITEMS THAT YOU ARE TRANSFERRING. Make sure you upload them properly in our format so we can see (not blurry or any bad quality)
  9. Lastly, we require you to have characters that you want to transfer already created in the game and ready to edit and insert the items.

Simply fill up the following form:


Your account name:
Your forum name (if any):
Amount and LIST of characters:

- Items of each character in good format and SCREENSHOT.

Character name in old server:
Character name in GaionMU:

- Royal set 8%life 8%red 20%spi 14%bri

Thanks guys!