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    Castle Siege Guide

    Castle Siege Basics

    There will be only one (1) castle for each server cluster
    Move to Lorencia (239, 13) to enter the Loren Canyon
    There are no restrictions for entering Loren canyon.
    Loren valley is a PVP enabled area.
    During Siege you can attack other participants without pressing Ctrl.
    No items that should drop from resulting PK status will drop from participants during the siege event..

    Siege Participants Requirements

    A participating guild must have a Guild master with at least 200 levels (regardless of class)
    A participating guild must have at least 20 members in their guild.
    Participating guilds are required to have an ally to be able to successfully use the castle features.*
    Other guilds and characters can participate in the siege as a neutral parties but they cannot win the castle. If the guild that owns the castle disbands, they will lose ownership of the castle.
    Only 3 guilds + allies can join the siege*

    Please see schedule on the following link

    How to register for a siege

    Qualified guilds must talk to the Guardsman NPC and press the "Announce" button and their registration will be accepted.
    Only the guild master of the main alliance can announce intent to siege to the guardsman NPC.
    Any guild members of the guilds that have announced intent to siege can submit a Mark of Lord during the registration period.
    When the guardsman NPC is clicked, the guild name and allied guilds names rankings will show on the registry.
    When the guard NPC is clicked Siege status information will be shown.
    Only the top 3 guilds and their allies will be given a priority for the siege.

    Siege Battle Basics

    When the guild of a registrant is selected, the invading team and their allies will have a sword icon and defending and their allies will have a shield icon.
    PK penalty do not apply between the guilds of the invading and defending team.
    The above condition is applicable to the Loren Valley only
    PK penalty will not be applied to both invading team and defending teams but will be applicable to other characters who are not participants.
    The Guild Masters will have a crown mark on the top instead of sword or shield mark.
    Neutral characters will not be marked as attackers or defenders.
    Guild registration/withdrawal during the battle is not allowed.

    Siege Players

    The invading team will have a sword icon and the defending team will have a shield on top of their character.
    The guild master will have a crown icon instead of sword or shield. (A blue crown for the defending team and a red one for invading team)
    Neutral character can attack while pressing [CTRL].


    1. Basic Policy and Winning condition
    The union under the invading/defending team will automatically included to each invading/defending team.
    Attacking own troops is only possible by pressing Ctrl key.
    Range attack can give 80% reduced damage to the own troops and 60% reduced damage for the other troops.
    To win the siege the guild master's official seal should be registered in the pedestal located at the dragon tower and if it succeeds the lord of a castle will be changed.
    Only the guild master can stamp the official seal in pedestal.
    To stamp press it for 30 seconds and if the 2 foot holders (Switchers) that are needed for stamping is cancelled or the character gets killed the stamping will fail.
    If there's a remaining time even if the stamping/sealing was successful, the battle will continue but the

    2 camps of invading/defending team will be exchanged.
    The guild with their official seal stamped at the end of the siege will be the lord of a castle

    Registering the official seal

    The upper floor of the Dragon tower houses a pedestal with the official seal of the lord of the castle.
    When the guild master of the alliance succeeds in registering the official seal with the pedestal, their sword symbols will turn into shields and they will now have to defend the castle.
    The guild with their official seal registered at the end of the siege will be the lord of the castle.

    Upon playing during Castle Siege Warfare, strategy is the best weapon. participating guilds will form parties according to the needs of the strategy devised by the Guild masters. Below is the roles or possible roles of each character class during Siege Warfare:

    1. Blade Knights (BK)

    Switch Holders - Typical holders should have hard defenses and big value on HP. a BM is a good fit for the job provided that they have a good set and ML Skill Tree set up.

    Killers/Attackers - BMs has big advantage on damage using their Combos. This puts them in a role of attacking and killing the switch holders of the opposing alliance.

    Sweller/Buffer - This type of BKs are normally support-only role, no attack capability is required for them usually watching chats and providing life swell buff to those who needs them.

    Guards/Protectors - This types guards the switchers and the sealers, preventing them to be killed by the opposing team. Strong guards are a-must for a strategy that maximizing the time limit.

    2. Soul Master (SM)

    Switch Holders - Due to their high defense and their Mana Shield Skill some are given the role of holders of the switch. This types are focused in Defense only and should be protected by other members.

    Buffer- this types are support type-only and should focus on spamming mana shield on his party members. It is the only role for this type of support player.

    3. Dark Lord (DL)

    Sealer - This type falls for the Guild master of the alliance. His role is to seal the throne when the switch are both being held by their alliance. Decision making on when to do the sealing is a big part of his skill. It is a must-have to make strategies become successful.

    Summoner - This is a support type DL that is required to focus on chat, summoning his members whenever required. Also providing Crit Buff when needed.

    4. Elf

    Buffer - This type focus of buff requirement of his members. Providing Greater Damage Buff and greater Defense Buff when needed.

    Ice Arrow Elf - This type focuses on freezing he opposing Guild Master in place to prevent them from sealing. Not all guild uses this kind of support due to lack of professional Elf users in game.

    5. Magic Gladiator (MG)

    Killer - The main and most used role of MGs are killers and attackers. Due to MGs high damage, they're tasked to do killing mission on both switches. and the crown; interrupting the sealing processes.

    6. Dimension master (Summy)

    Innovation - a support type character that provides innovation debuff on Switch holders, causing them to be easily killed by the attackers. Thy are also tasked to do spam Chain Lightning damage after casting the Innovation debuff skill.

    7. Rage Fighter (RF)

    Killer/Attacker - Due to high AoE damage, they are tasked to kill the players of the opposing alliance, mostly those disturbing the switch or the crown.

    Maximizing this roles and using them in a efficient strategy is a guild master's role as well as a good decision making. Turning disadvantages to their advantage is also a good quality when paying in the Siege Warfare. Remember, A god strategy is a best weapon.

    For more details about Siege Warfare, following the link here.
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